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All About Us!

Mariann Clark

I live in the Flathead Valley near Kalispell, Mt.  My greatest loves are my children, grandchildren and my two dogs.  I really enjoy spending time in the great outdoors..  My passions are helping people, all animals and energy healing! 

Jill Tower

I live near the Rose​bud River in Montana with my two dogs.  I am so grateful for my life and the gifts I have been given.  I love living in the mountains, being creative, growing my own food and laughing.  My passion has always been natural health and energy healing!

Our Divine Guidance:

We have been divinely guided to create a working relationship together and our mission is to bring love and light to the world. We are currently being guided to build/wire Crystal Grids to share with humanity. They can be placed upon a person to promote healing or set in a home to dispel negative energy. The Grids will raise the vibrational energy wherever they are placed.

Our Beliefs:

We share the belief that nothing is impossible!  Both of us have witnessed some amazing miracles over the years. As healers, we are only allowed to do as much as an individual allows, since the individual is of free will. One has to want to be completely healed in order for a healing to take place, as their faith and willingness allows.

Our Services:

We have 42 combined years experience working with energy. We are trained/certified in many Energy Healing modalities.  Both of us are Intuitives, Theta Healing Practitioners, Reiki Masters, Teachers and Young Living Essential Oil Distributors. We also practice Crystal Grid Energy Healing, Generational Healing, Quantum Touch Energy Healing, Reconnective Healing, Rain Drop Massage Technique ,Intuitive Past Life Sessions, Home and Self Energy Cleansings, Nutrition and Intuitive Body Scans. We both enjoy working with animals.

 Payment is requested at the start of a session

We accept cash, checks or Pay Pal.

Our Services:  Phone sessions available! 

Intuitive Reading                               $60

Crystal Grid Energy Session   1 hr. $100

                                                  1/2 hr. $50

Theta Healing Session             1 hr. $100

Generational Healing                1 hr. $100

Reconnective Healing               1 hr. $100

Reiki Session w/crystal grid              $80 

Past Life Session                    ,            $60

Rain Drop Massage Technique         $100 

Home & Self Cleansing                       $50

Quantum Touch                                1 hr. $60 

                                                     1/2 hr. $30 

All services compliment and work well with treatments being carried out by your current healthcare provider.