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Crystal Grid Energy Healing

"Every gem, no matter the size, carries the vibrational energy of the whole."

What is Crystal Grid Healing?

Crystal Grid Energy Healing can be most powerful in promoting healing. This is an energy technique that is able to clear the chakras and meridians allowing the energy to flow smoothly through the body. The intuitively selected gemstones are hand wired together with copper wire to create a beautiful masterpiece. Crystals carry a lot of energy and copper is a carrier of energy. When activated, these grids have the potential to dispel negative energy and raise the vibrational energy of the individual they are placed upon or in any area they are set. This allows your body/cells to relax bringing you to an unstressed state where it can heal. The vibrational energy of these grids has been known to promote healing, help insomnia, relax muscles, reduce stress, ease pain, impotence, open the Chakras and much more...

We are skilled at doing sessions from a distance and they are felt the same by an individual.

What Happens During a Session?

You will lie down and the Healing Crystal Grid will be laid on your chest or stomach.  You will be guided to close your eyes and relax.  During a session with us, we will set the intent and activate the Grid.  The crystal grid will remain set on you for 1/2 hour or longer running its energy throughout your body to promote healing. These sessions can be done from a distance and are felt the same by an individual.

What Will You Experience During A Session?

Everyone experiences energy differently, some people are more in tuned to energy than others.  Memories or visions may flow through your mind as you relax and as the energy begins to flow smoothly through your Body.  Most people will fall asleep as their body enters into this relaxed state.  Many people awake so relaxed they feel like they have had a massage.  As you relax, your body is in a state to accept the intent that is set for the crystal grid. These wired crystal grids carry a lot of vibrational energy and have the potential to do miraculous things.  We are skilled at doing sessions from a distance and they are felt the same by an individual.

What can I do with my Crystal Healing Grid?

The Crystal Healing Grid can be hung on your wall or in your window.  It will raise the vibrational energy of the area and dispel negative energy wherever you decide to place it. The Grid can be taken off the wall and placed on any area of the body while you are lying down. (For up to 2 hrs.)  When doing this, the intention of the Grid can be set for a specific intent by mentally focusing on what you would like healing for. The Crystal Healing Grid will come to you already activated with the intent of Healing and we will reactivate it once a month for you.  We are able to reactivate the Crystal Grids from a distance.  

Reiki practitioners, massage therapists or other Healers using a massage table, can place the Crystal Healing Grid under their table  to increase the energy of the healing modality they are using.

The crystal grids are available for purchase in our STORE. 

We do build custom Crystal Grids. Contact us with your special request:

email [email protected] or text/call 406-321-1433 or

701-580-6781 for help.

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