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Handmade Personal Healing Crystal Grids

Many of our grids are on sale now!

These Healing Crystal Grids are connecting to many larger grids. These Grids carry the  energy from the many larger grids also and this energy flows thru these mini grids. The Crystal Healing Grid will come to you already activated and set with the intent of Healing. We will reactivate these mini grids every month for you.

.The Crystal Grids are individually hand wired and may vary in size. Every grid is very unique and one of a kind! They are perfect for raising the energy of any area they are placed and will also dispel negative energy from that area. They can be hung on a wall, in a window, or placed directly on an individual while they are lying down. When doing this, the intention of the Grid can be set for a specific intent by mentally focusing on what you would like specific healing for.

Specific directions for use will be included with your Healing Crystal Grid.  

We do build custom Crystal Grids (any size, price may vary)  Let us know your special request at

email: [email protected] or text/call 406-321-1433;

701-580-6781 for help.  Please leave a message and we will return your call! 

We use PAY PAL.    

Shipping & handling costs are $10 for the U.S.  Outside the U.S. rates may vary. 

After you view our Healing Crystal Grids you will find  more items we have available made with the Ancient Elemental Symbols.

Learn more about Crystal Grids 

Ancient Elemental Symbols

We are working to bring forth the designs of these ancient Elemental Symbols . The symbols have been forgotten for too long, it is time for them to be brought back in these changing times. These symbols are very powerful and carry a lot of healing energy. You can leave these symbols in different places, within the water, hang them on a tree or you can bury them within the dirt. The elements all work together in unison and by doing this, they help each other. The elements represent Earth, Wind, & Water. These elements are gentle and powerful on their own, put them together with the intention, energy will move quickly. It is the time for all this to happen and that you understand and become a part of the elements of the Earth. By bringing in their healing energies and their special connection to our beloved Earth, we can help them as they help heal our Planet and all of humanity.

We do build custom Crystal Grids.  Contact us with your special request:

email [email protected] or text/call 406-321-1433 or

701-580-6781 for help.  Please leave a message and we will get back with you, it is important to us!

Our grids are also for sale at from Love's Intelligence Corporation, 445 South

Main Street, Suite #211, Kalispell, MT. (630) 408-7874 or visit their online store: 

Our center stones are from their rock shop at Love's Intelligence Corporation!